1st Domains .NZ Pre-Registration
Service Agreement

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the .NZ Service Agreement at http://1stdomains.nz/info/agreement_nz.php The Registrant is agreeing to those in addition to the conditions specified here.

1. The Registrar's Obligations

We agree that we will:

1.1 Record your registration request and attempt to complete registration on 30th September 2014 within 1 hour of general availability of second level .NZ domain names;

1.2 Charge an annual fee of $21.50 + GST for each registration;

1.3 The registration fee charged will be fully refunded if we are not successful at registering the domain name at general availability;

1.4 Confirm details of the pre-registration;

1.5 Confirm the outcome of the attempted registration at time of general availability;

1.6 Advise you if we fail to register your .NZ domain name at time of general availability and fully refund your registration fee.

2. The Registrant's Obligations

You agree and acknowledge:

2.1 That you are placing a pre-registration for a .NZ domain name and that this does not guarantee full registration;

2.2 That registration will not be attempted until .NZ is opened for general availability at the second level on 30th September 2014;

2.3 That the details associated with the pre-registration will be locked so that no changes can be made while it is pending registration;

2.4 That if the registration is successful, the domain name will be declared active, will be delegated and can start being used by you.

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